September cleaning of the beach

A lot of rubbish around us has a negative effect for all living beings. Having a clean and health environment, we are healthy too. This should be a real message for all people.

Montenegro dolphin project, in addition to researching dolphins it also takes care of preserving the clean environment. On 21st september Montenegro dolphin project team had a beach cleaning. Although, the season is over, on the beach were a lot of rubbish. There were mostly cigarettes, flaps, plastic bottles and plastic bags. Also, people on the beach helped us to collect the rubbish and we had a opportunity to explain them what are we doing and why. We got positive comments from them what tells us that still exist hope.

We will continue with preserving clean environment in hope that next time will be more people who understand the importance of our efforts.


Natasa Nikpaljević




Make our sea clearn !!!!